"stringRods" are a blessing to anyone striving to achieve proper body alignment, ball position, and swing path.  Especially swing path.  With most people "what they feel they are doing" and "what they are actually doing" are two different things.  With stringRods there is instant, accurate and physical feedback.  The most effective and simplest way to improve your swing and get positive results.

-Kenny Bieschke

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I actually met you guys at the PGA show and bought your product for my junior golf school. LOVE THE PRODUCT.

-Doug I.

I absolutely love it!!! #stringrods #alignmentfixed

-Madison Pressel

LPGA Tour Player

This is very cool! Simple yet Versatile

-Find Your Round Golf

"Sometimes, the least flashy booths at the PGA Merchandise Show feature the most useful products" 

-Tony Dear, Colorado Avid Golfer Magazine

"Homespun stringRods Make Proper Alignment a Cinch"

Feb 2017

I purchased two units at the PGA Show. My son and I love it! I will be ordering more for my teaching in the next month. Thought you would like to see the six inch increments we designated on both sides with electrical tape. He is using it for putting and full swing. Great Product!!


-Jim I.

PGA Professional