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Top and bottom rods are always parallel. stringRods gives a wide open hitting space. V2 is over 20% larger than V1. stringRods lets you practice like a pro at the range. Setup the same way, every single swing, for  every single practice session on the range.

Use the stringRods adjustable strings to create your own repeatable swing path/chute. Adjust strings up or down from each other to create specific in-to-out or out-to-in swing paths. Each "marking" on the side rods is 1 degree, relative to the other side rod. (Ex: to create a 3 degree "in-to-out, draw" swing-path, align the strings to be at markings 3 spaces apart from each other on side rods.)

stringRods are collapsible and durable. Each SRV2 unit comes with a SR-BumperBar which provides additional protection against breaking. The SR-BumperBar is recommended for use for novice golfers and anyone using the SRV2 for training new golfers.


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adjustable strings
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What are stringRods?

stringRods are an innovative new golf training aid designed to be used during the swing. Basically, it is a collapsible rectangle with adjustable elastic strings with two very novel applications. They are hi-tech alignment rods.

What are the novel applications?

The first is as a superior replacement for basic alignment rods. Everyone seems to use them, but they really work best when set parallel. That's the problem. In the real world, most golfers and instructors set them randomly or by eye and they usually are not parallel. Since stringRods top and bottom rods are ALWAYS parallel , there is no need to measure to make them exactly parallel. It's quicker and better when compared to old fashion rods. Most stringRods users feel much more confident that they are set up square.

The second application is as an active swing path guide- there is nothing else like it. Even the expensive Trackman devices measure your swing path and then provide you with the data. stringRods is a VISUAL guide during the swing. This is unique to stringRods, and that's probably the reason a stringRods prototype won a innovation award from the PGA Merchandise Show.

Is the Swing Path that important?

A lot of instructors believe and some recent research indicate that the club path may be the number one factor influencing ball direction.

How does stringRods work as a Swing Path Guide ?

First you have to understand how the side rods work. The side rods are geometrically calibrated with each mark equal to a difference of one degree from parallel. Here's how to use it.: Set the two sliders of one string on corresponding side marks. Now move the right side slider down one mark. The string is now at a one degree angle to the top and bottom rods. Move the slider down one additional mark- now you have a two degree angle, you get the idea, it's like a golf protractor.


Secondly, you need to create a swing channel by setting the second string parallel to the first. This is easy, just keep the same amount of side marks between the strings. Nine or ten is a good starting point.


The whole idea is to create a swing channel at a desired angle relative to the target {top} rod.

How do I know what is the right swing path angle for me?

That depends on what type of shot shape you want and your skill level . If I can assume that you are a average golfer who wants to just hit it straight or even with a little draw, the answer is easy - just copy the PRO's. Almost every Pro uses a Trackman device for training and swing path data is available with a little computer digging. Generally speaking, most PRO's go to swing is at a 1 to 4 degree positive swing path. Our research shows most amateurs swing out to in at about 10 to 15 degrees- that probably the reason most golfers slice. We recommend you start at 2 degrees positive.

What are the advantages of a stringRods swing channel?

The biggest advantage is the ability to set, reset and finely tune the angle and size of the channel. With regular rods, you are just guessing. Another big advantage, is that with the strings you can make a very narrow swing channel, this is especially favored by more skilled players. If you tried a narrow swing channel with regular rods, you would be afraid of hitting them or damaging your club. You can't hurt the strings.

How do I know when my swing is following the guide?

First- read the divots. It's very easy to read the divots because the strings are a close reference line. One of Ben Hogan's famous lines is "the dirt don't lie". What he meant is the divots tell the truth. If your divot is in line with the strings- you are good. Second- you'll know it when you feel it.

Can you explain the swing path terms "in to out", "out to in", positive and negative?

"in to out" and positive mean the same. And "out to in" and negative are also the same. The easiest way to understand these terms is to visualize a clock face and it's 12 noon. Now both hands are pointing directly at the target and the center of the clock is the ball. When it's 5 minutes till noon, the minute hand is at a negative swing path. When it's 5 minutes after noon, the minute hand is positive to the hour hand.

How does stringRods help a low handicap player?

Highly skilled players will appreciate the ability to work with a narrow channel and to fine tune the angles necessary to shape shots consistently. They still work on fundamentals also.


Can stringRods fix your slice?

Absolutely - this may be its biggest benefit. To understand how, you must first understand why you slice. It's basic physics - the club is hitting the ball at an angle that creates a clockwise spin that causes the ball to curve to the right. There are four major reasons causing you to slice. They are:


1. Wrong swing path - with lots of different names - casting, over the top, coming across, negative


2. Open club face


3. Open stance, or not square


4. All of the above. This is probably the most common reason.


It was amazing during our market research to see lifelong slicers improve almost immediately. They were never shown the correct path to hitting it straight before. Also their set up was now square. Most had a "AH HA" moment. It also seemed to help mid to high handicap golfers the most. So, if you follow the swing path guide, set up square, and learn to close the clubface- you won't slice - it's just physics.

Is it easy to operate?

stringRods opens and closes smoothly and easily. To open, unclip and spread the white rods by simutaneously moving the hinges outward till they lock. Collapse by moving the center hinges inward and relock the clips. Keep the hinges snug with the enclosed allen wrench.


The strings are easily adjusted by sliding them on the side rods, but push them to the top before closing.


Slide the Bumper Bar onto the top and bottom rod and slide all the way to the left side {for righties}

What is the Bumper Bar?

The bumper bar is a safety device to deflect the ball away from the hinges. Earlier stringRods were breaking after being struck by a hard hit grounder. A 90 MPH swing can produce a ball speed up to 125 MPH. Our engineer said it was like shooting a bullet at it. The bumper bar is our best solution, it works well, and we recommend you use it.


What is the best way to start using stringRods?

Start off slow by using a mid iron off a tee with a wide swing channel,

set the channel at 2 degrees positive and experiment with different angles. Remember you are trying to engrain a new correct muscle memory into your swing. Your current muscle memory is probably bad. I doubt if many PRO's are thinking about their swing path- its automatic- it should be for you too. Lots and lots of correct repetitions is the key. Work up to full swings and narrow channels. Remember its much easier to increase the speed of an accurate movement than the accuracy of a rapid movement


What are stringRods users saying?

The reponse has really been awesome. Thanks to all who took time to Email us their comments. Most love it, We kept hearing comments like:


"Easy to use", "Really works", "Visual", "Intuitive", "Absolute bargain".


keep them coming.


How do I get one?

stringRods is only available on the web site. It's introductory priced to get them out there and it's in limited supply

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